Lesson 10 Writing

We’re at a crucial part in our Spanish study. We need to be able to start SPEAKING conversationally.

To get comfortable with this, besides being able to recite phrases from the dialogues, you should start memorizing scripted sentences that are important to YOU personally.

So our writing assignment today is a bit different. Instead of simply trying to use your new words, try to write a paragraph about yourself that includes things you might say when starting a conversation.

I recommend starting by writing the paragraph in English first, then seeing how much you can translate into Spanish. Leave some words in English, and your coaches will help you translate those parts into Spanish as well.

Don’t just write sentences; try to make it idiomatic and natural, like the phrases you’ve heard in the dialogues.

Content to include:

  • Your name, basic info (spouse/family? living?).
  • Where you’re from and where you live.
  • Your occupation and a description of what you do.
  • How you spend your time most workdays.
  • Hobbies (what you like to do on weekends).

Idioms to include:

  • “por eso”
  • “ya que”
  • “pero bueno”