Why all your Spanish study isn’t getting you to fluency.

Trying to learn fluent Spanish?

Finding that it’s not as simple as most people make it sound?

As you’ve probably seen, there are endless resources, courses, vocabulary lists, and blogs out there trying to tell you the “right way” or the “best way” to learn Spanish.

You may even have tried out some of these resources and courses. But somehow you don’t feel like you’re making actual, concrete progress toward true fluency.

Maybe you can relate to these students who have been sampling different Spanish programs:

“With Spanish, I did very well in college, then lost the skills. Now I have a decent time with vocabulary, but struggle with conjugation and speaking correctly and it gets very frustrating.”


“My biggest frustration has always been getting overwhelmed… Write down every new word I heard that day? Work through a textbook? Watch a TV show? Study characters? Read a novel? Of course, you just end up spinning.”


“I am frustrated with being overwhelmed and not seeing a system that links everything together so that you can find the patterns quickly.” Sylvia

Here’s the bad news: If you keep drifting around between programs, you’ll probably never reach a real fluency goal.

And the worse news: Even if you choose one Spanish course or textbook, it is VERY unlikely to bring you to any level of authentic Spanish.

Let’s say you find a course that you think will work for you. You might learn lots of vocabulary and grammar, and you might even start to feel like things are falling together. But just when you’ve gained enough confidence to start trying to speak and think in Spanish…

You STILL end up with these questions:

– Is this really how a native Spanish speaker would say “I want you to do it for me”?

– Do I say “por” or “para” here?

– I kinda sorta understand “ser” vs. “estar”, but how can I be sure in specific situations?

Eventually these frustrations will leave you searching for a new course or resource, and you’ll keep going around in circles or spinning your wheels.

The root of the problem

There are two main things going on here.

First of all, you don’t have a good system.

A good system starts with the genuine fundamentals, building from there only once the foundation is solid.

“In the past, learning a language has been complicated by learning useless phrases such as “I see the penguins” when more useful information and language words are more useful.” -Garvin

For some reason, almost NO Spanish courses actually focus on the most frequently used words first. They start with more trivial vocabulary such as “desk” and “refrigerator” and “carrot”, but when it comes to saying phrases as essential as “I wanted you to do it earlier”, students come up completely blank (or make terrible mistakes that can’t even be understood).

You may feel like Antonio, a Spanish student who’s tried many different programs:

“With a normal Spanish course, may be,I could be able to speak about my house and my family for an extensive time, but then when someone is asking me a very simple question to interact with me just a bit “outside” of what I have studied, I just realize that I am missing the fundamental words to go on with my conversation.” -Antonio

But then Antonio goes on:

“One of the reason I like Accelerated Spanish is because you are providing your students with an extremely rich vocabulary to face even more complicated conversation. And, now, day by day, the time I am remaining silent speaking is decreasing, and…. I love it!” -Antonio

Part of the solution is to start with the essentials of the language.

Second, without the guidance of native speakers, you’re going to make mistakes. It’s inevitable. Even if you learn as many “rules” as you can, you still won’t end up speaking like a native speaker.

It’s a more serious issue than you might think. Practicing wrong means you’re reinforcing bad habits, which will stay with you for a long, long time.

That’s why you need access to native-speaking teachers who can guide you every step of the way.

Accelerated Spanish: Native speakers and a proven system.

This very affordable course presents a clear system, holds you accountable, and best of all, lets you communicate with native speakers so that you’re learning everything perfectly.

My team of native-speaking coaches and I have worked with hundreds of coaching students individually, coaching them to fluency. We know exactly what a student needs to get real, concrete fluency results, and we’ll make sure you’re never lost. Your coaches will always correct your errors and tell you what you need to do to get to the next level.

This inexpensive course includes:

– A system of video and audio lessons designed to build your Spanish knowledge from the ground up.

– Individual assignments every week for progress on each essential concept, one at a time.

– Constant feedback from native speakers to tell you exactly what you need to work on next.

– Unlimited email access to our team.

– Accountability from us and from other students like you.

– Eventually, custom resources to emphasize what YOU personally find most important.

Don’t end up in Laurie’s place:

“I could carry on conversations, understand and make myself understood, but I was making a ton of mistakes still. I needed someone to tell me what I needed to work on.” -Laurie

Instead, get feedback every step of the way, and be confident that you’re working on the EXACT thing you need to get to the next level.

In other words: Never lose focus, and never practice wrong again.

Your phrasing will always be authentic, native Spanish, and it will just get better and grow every week.

Here’s how it works

If you decide that you want to stop “dabbling” and get serious about authentic Spanish, join the affordable course at the button below.

Join Accelerated Spanish for $87/month

Once you’re in, every Monday you’ll be delivered some very specific assignments to work on, including the video lessons and written assignments.

Ask questions as frequently as you have them, and we’ll resolve every doubt.

Send back written Spanish regularly, and we’ll not only correct them, but we’ll tell you exactly what you’re struggling with and how to overcome it.

We’ll also add you to a private group of other serious Spanish learners. They’ll provide you with more feedback, accountability, and even opportunities for good, serious conversation practice.

And when the time comes, once you’re ready, we’ll stretch your limits with custom materials. We’ll give you absolutely everything you need to fill any gap of knowledge you have.

Not only will your Spanish knowledge grow every week, you’ll know you’re always progressing toward a serious fluency goal, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Join Accelerated Spanish for $87/month

More testimonials:

“Please believe me. If you want to learn Spanish, this is the way. …The process by which you learn is so simple and effective. Instructor Timothy doesn’t teach you to adopt scripts. He actually teaches you to speak the way a native speaker speaks and he does it in the easiest way possible… It is a simple and natural concept and IT WORKS.”


“I’ve tried several other programs before and they don’t live up to this program.”


“I passed out of the highest level of Spanish!! This would have normally taken about 16 months of coursework, but we were able to knock it out in 8 weeks. So now I don’t have to waste time learning Spanish inefficiently in school, and it saved me a bomb in tuition money.”


“I can tell the team behind this has put a lot of time and effort in creating this program. This is high quality material and is highly recommended if you are looking for results fast.” Matthew