Lesson 5 Dialogue Assignment

PART 1: If you’ve practiced the phrases from Lesson 5 (check out pages 235-244 of the book), you’re ready to see these phrases in a real-life context.

PART 2: You should also practice these sentences, with correct pronunciation.(All of these sentences are from the dialogue above, so you can hear how they’re pronounced in the video.)

PART 3: If you’re a member, record yourself saying the sentences below at this link so that we can critique your pronunciation.

  • This isn’t good at all: Esto no está para nada bien.
  • No, this time she doesn’t have a place to be: No, esta vez no tiene dónde estar.
  • I have her things at my house, as it has to be, but… Yo tengo sus cosas en mi casa, como tiene que ser, pero…
  • I can do you that favor: Te puedo hacer ese favor.
  • Give it time, she’s around: Tiempo al tiempo, ella está por ahí.
  • I want to do something for her, both of us: Yo quiero hacer algo por ella, los dos.