Lesson 2 Dialogue Assignment

PART 1: If you’ve practiced the phrases from Lesson 2 (check out pages 83-90 of the book), you’re ready to see these phrases in a real-life context.



PART 2: You should also practice these sentences, with correct pronunciation.(All of these sentences are from the dialogue above, so you can hear how they’re pronounced in the video.) We haven’t learned the meaning of every word yet, but it’s important to start pronouncing whole sentences, even before understanding them.


PART 3: If you’re a member, record yourself saying these sentences at this link so that we can critique your pronunciation.


  • It’s me: ¡Soy yo!
  • You are very nice: Eres muy bueno.
  • I already know that they were, but now they aren’t: Ya sé que lo eran, pero ya no lo son.
  • Valentina is that way: Valentina es así.
  • The house was of him: La casa era de él.
  • I also am going to your house: Yo también voy a tu casa.