Learn Spanish in One Month.

  • Become Fluent Fast: Master the 100 words that cover 50% of the Spanish language.
  • Get Conversation Practice: Practice with fellow students around the world.
  • Guaranteed: Do the work, and you WILL master foundational Spanish in just 1 month.

30-day no-risk guarantee.

The challenge begins January 1st!

Most Spanish Programs Will Overwhelm You and WON'T Make You Fluent.

Are you wasting your time learning Spanish?

If you're like most Spanish learners, you've used a LOT of Spanish resources. Podcasts, courses, apps, grammar books, phrase books...

And no matter how much effort you put in, it's not turning into fluency. Everything you study is either too simple (colors, numbers, animal names) or too abstract (conjugation charts, grammar exercises, obscure phrases you'd never say in your life).

On top of that, even if you DO feel a little bit of progress, it's inconsistent. For every new word you learn, you seem to forget two words. Sometimes you find a spare hour, sit down, and focus on Spanish... and you can't figure out what to prioritize.

This is incredibly discouraging. Because if you don't know what's the right stuff to work on, how are you ever going to make the steady, patient progress that is required to achieve full fluency?

If you are worried that you might be wasting your time, here's the ultimate question: After hours, weeks, and months of working on Spanish... how much can you actually USE in conversation?

At this point, most students give up.

Mastering a language takes an ENORMOUS amount of time and focus. And if your Spanish study time is being wasted, it feels like there's no reason to push through.

The One-Month Challenge Is Different.

What if you could make more progress in 1 month than you've made in the last 2 years?

That might sound too good to be true. But there's a reason it works: The one-month challenge will take away the overwhelm.

The fact is... focusing hard on Spanish for just one month is doable! It won't be easy, but it will be worth it. And you'll NEVER get lost.

Spanish in One Month isn’t just another app you play around with for a few minutes a day until you give up. It’s a mastery bootcamp that takes exactly one month.

It will teach you to master the Spanish language, step by step, until you’re starting to THINK in Spanish. This challenge is guaranteed to give you real, ridiculously powerful results in a very short timeframe.

We guarantee you’ll get way more out of this challenge than you would ever learn from a semester of college-level Spanish (which can cost $1000+).

If you are serious about being fluent in Spanish, and if you can dedicate one or two hours a day to working on Spanish for just four weeks, this is your solution.

Imagine a Perfect Month of Progress...

Picture yourself making more progress than ever on Spanish, one step at a time, for an entire month. You have the roadmap laid out for you, from zero to 50% mastery of the language. How awesome would that feel?

Here's what it looks like:

Complete System

You are no longer lost! You have a complete, structured learning system to focus on and get consistent results, every day... without ever having to choose between a million options. Every word or phrase you learn is the RIGHT one to learn at that moment.

Everything Makes Sense

Since you're practicing everything you learn step-by-step, everything in Spanish *clicks*. Grammar rules are no longer mysterious. Spanish sentence structures fall into place naturally. Your Spanish starts to flow.

Peace of Mind

You're not just "learning" Spanish — you're learning to USE it. Every day, you're getting better at speaking, listening, reading, and writing, little by little. And before you know it, you're beginning to *think* in Spanish.

We Made The Challenge Easier... work your way through. But you'll still have to put in the hard work to finish it.

We have overhauled the Challenge based on the feedback from former students. My coaches & I worked hard for 3 months to polish the lessons, fix typos, and most importantly, restructure the lessons to make them easier than ever!

We're proud to present the best Spanish in One Month challenge we’ve ever offered...


Restructured lessons that are easier to tackle

Some of the lessons (especially the subjunctive lesson on Day 9) were a little too demanding. So we’ve reorganized things to make the entire course easier to get through.


Way more practice materials to drive the lessons home

Lots of students asked us for more Spanish grammar flashcards, so we've added them to the course! You'll now find many more sentence examples to quiz yourself with.


Support from our coaches to make sure you don't fall behind

Our expert coaches will be there for you at every step! So if you're struggling with a lesson or feel like you're falling behind, just reach out and we’ll personally help you get back on track.

Join Our Best One-Month Challenge Yet

The challenge starts on January 1st. Make sure you get in before it's too late.


30-day no-risk guarantee.

We Have Helped Thousands Of Students Master 50% Of The Spanish Language...

"I have been “learning” Spanish for the last several years using a variety of popular methods but I could never put it all together. In just one month of this challenge, I can see how the pieces fit together.

Before, it was like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle with the cardboard side up. Through this challenge, it’s like the pieces have been turned over and I can now see the picture and how each piece fits together.

It takes dedication and consistency (it IS a challenge) but if Spanish fluency is your goal, the results will be worth the effort."

- Former Challenge Student

"This is a great course! It is really well planned and delivered and builds step by step logically. Best of all, you can see how much progress you're making, and how quickly.

Give yourself a month and you'll see the difference in your ability and confidence in speaking Spanish!."

- Former Challenge Student

"I'm surprised at how quickly I've begun to think in Spanish and how much I'm retaining in such a short time."

- Former Challenge Student

How Does Spanish in One Month Work?

No matter where you are on your Spanish journey, or how discouraged you feel right now... this challenge will put you on the right path. You'll quickly rebuild your grammatical foundation for a lifetime of Spanish fluency. And you'll be *thinking* in Spanish faster than ever.

20 Step-By-Step Lessons

Every day, you'll have new videos and quizzes to teach you every element of the Spanish language. We'll rebuild your Spanish foundation, starting with the 2 most important words in Spanish, and working our way up from there to the top 100 words.

Engaging Learning Tools

Just log in every day, and you'll know exactly what to do. Each lesson gives you very specific assignments, including quizzes, written assignments, and speaking out loud. You'll be practicing every dimension of the Spanish language from the very start — you'll be thinking in Spanish faster than ever.

Practice With Others

All month, you'll be surrounded by a community of Spanish learners all dedicated to your success! You'll get unlimited conversation practice all month. Even better, if you add personal coaching to your plan, a native speaker will work with you on your conversational skills every week.

About Us

LearnCraft Spanish has been a leading language school since 2014. Our podcast has over 12 million downloads, and our book has sold tens of thousands of copies and has over 900 reviews on Amazon.

We've trained hundreds of students to Spanish fluency through our world-class coaching programs. Now, our One-Month Challenge makes our techniques available to anyone, anywhere.

Meet the masterminds behind the Spanish in One Month Challenge below!

Timothy Moser at Accelerated Spanish

Timothy Moser

Creator, LearnCraft Spanish

Timothy's background is in mnemonics, accelerated learning, and memorization. He learned Spanish online in 2014 using a combination of accelerated learning tactics, along with practicing with Spanish coaches. Timothy founded LearnCraft Spanish to put these techniques together in a comprehensive system that any Spanish learner can use. Timothy's book and podcast are now used by tens of thousands of Spanish learners all over the world.

Gabriela Caldarone

Head Coach, LearnCraft Spanish

Gabriela (Gaby) is a native-Spanish-speaking linguistic expert who specializes in training students (and coaches!) in the world's best language-learning methodologies. In other words, she knows how to get people fluent in Spanish fast.

Gaby has been on the LearnCraft Spanish team since 2015. She leads our team of expert coaches, who hail from Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Venezuela, and Spain.

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