Spanish Fluency for the Hospitality Industry.

Language is sometimes one of the most costly barriers in the modern hospitality industry.

In an increasingly connected world, businesses that operate only in English are slowly losing their competitive edge. And Spanish is the most important language for bridging the gap, because worldwide, more people natively speak Spanish than English.

Accelerated Spanish is a renowned coaching course, famous as the only online language training course that guarantees fluency.

And for the first time, Accelerated Spanish is now offering custom, guaranteed training for the hospitality industry.

“This course gave me just what I needed: By reviewing the materials each week and then practicing with a native-speaking coach, my skill and confidence grew enormously. I highly recommend this course for the serious student who wants to understand Spanish and speak it well.


“Timothy’s Accelerated Spanish is the best way I’ve ever come across to learn a language. I think it beats out Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur, and lots of other programs. I love how you are able to learn the grammar and why the language works first. Great stuff!”


Step-by-step guidance

Get clear, custom guidance from beginning to end. Master the language through a comprehensive step-by-step process.

Conversation with Natives

Unlike software, Accelerated Spanish has you speaking with native Spanish speakers from the very beginning. Quickly master the conversation skills you need in real life.

Hospitality emphasis

Customized, personal training specific to the hospitality industry. We’ll work on everything you need to master every type of communication you’re doing on a daily basis.

Portable and Responsive

Technologically designed to support all standard workstation platforms. No new software or hardware required.

Flexible Virtual Format

The online format of the course eliminates the need for the hassle of in-house scheduling and accommodations.

Guaranteed results

Accelerated Spanish has been training students to genuine fluency for years. The training gets genuine fluency results, guaranteed.

Schedule a Consultation

For inquiries about this exclusive Spanish training, schedule a call with Timothy Moser, the founder of Accelerated Spanish to discuss your business’s specific needs and the options available.

“Timothy’s course helped me a ton. I was able to converse well (holding hour long conversations) with native speakers and read almost any text in Spanish with no problem within 8 weeks. Highly recommended!”

Raghav Haran

“I can tell the team behind this has put a lot of time and effort in creating this program. This is high quality material and is highly recommended if you are looking for results fast.