NEW Lesson 5 dialogue assignment


OLD Lesson 5 dialogue assignment

We’re completing our study of the Module 1 dialogue! After this lesson, you should be able to say ANY sentence from the dialogue easily, knowing exactly what you’re saying.

  • “Hello? Hello?” “¿Hola? ¿Hola?
  • “Who is this?” “¿Quién es usted?”
  • “All these years without you!” “¡Todos estos años sin ti!”
  • “Where are you now?” “¿Dónde estás ahora?”
  • “And now? To where are you going?” “¿Y ahora? ¿A dónde vas?”
  • “I’m not leaving anymore.” “Ya no me voy.”
  • “Susana one day left with someone else.” “Susana un día se fue con alguien más.”
  • “But it’s fine.” “Pero está bien.”
  • “It’s been fine; when she left, life became another thing for me.” “Ha sido bueno, cuando se fue, la vida fue otra cosa para mí.”
  • “Or yes, whenever her life be something better…” “O sí, cuando su vida sea algo mejor…”
  • “What a thing… but oh well, Susana always was like that, right?” “Qué cosa… pero bueno, Susana siempre fue así, ¿no?”
  • “Yes, she’s like that. And Mariela? How is she?” “Sí, es así. ¿Y Mariela? ¿Cómo está?”
  • “Yes! Pablo was here now… well, not now; it was about 2:00.” “¡Sí! Pablo estuvo aquí ahora, bueno, no ahora, eran como las dos del día.”
  • “They now have their years, but they’re those of always.” “Ya tienen sus años, pero son los de siempre.”
  • “Please, you have to go to Juan’s house tonight.” “Por favor, tienes que ir a casa de Juan esta noche.”
  • “Or if not, I’ll pick you up…” “O si no voy por ti…”
  • “I already went to there one time. You also were there.” “Ya fui hasta ahí una vez, tú también estabas.”
  • “There wasn’t anyone else; neither Pablo nor Jose was there that time.” “No había nadie más, ni Pablo ni José estaban esa vez.”
  • “Yes, it’s that one. And yes, it was me! Who else?” “Sí, es esa. Y sí, ¡era yo! ¿Quién más?”
  • “So, are you going to go?” “Entonces, ¿vas a ir?”
  • “…and you with all of our lives.” “…y tú con la vida de todos nosotros.”


There will be 10 more sentences to learn for lesson 3, so make sure to master these ASAP! Get to the point where you can say them and know exactly what you’re saying, without even looking at the text.


Try to recite the whole dialogue along with the recording. First try it with the text, then try without the text. Make sure to practice particularly the parts that are difficult for you to keep up with from memory.

Here’s the text:

Module 1 Dialogue, highlighted for lesson 5