NEW Lesson 2 dialogue assignment


OLD Lesson 2 dialogue assignment

As in the last lesson, we have 10 sentences from the Module 1 dialogue to master in this lesson. Make sure you are able to say the sentences from lesson 1 easily, and then learn these really well:

  • “Are you really Marcos?” “¿De verdad eres Marcos?”
  • “How’s life going for you?” “¿Cómo te va la vida?”
  • “Nothing is so good in this life as one’s house.” “Nada es tan bueno en esta vida como la casa de uno.”
  • “Fine, the day-to-day here is and will be as it always has been, that’s so.” “Bien, el día a día aquí es y será como siempre ha sido, eso es así.”
  • “Because she was not for me, or I was not for her.” “Porque ella no era para mí, o yo no era para ella.”
  • “Now that her life is another thing, it’s going to go well for her.” “Ahora que su vida es otra cosa le va a ir bien.”
  • “It would be the best part of my day.” “Sería lo mejor de mi día.”
  • “Thanks man, but no, I’m going to go alone.” “Gracias, hombre, pero no, voy a ir solo.”
  • “Juan’s house is the one that’s two before Mr. Luis’s.” “La casa de Juan es la que está dos antes de la del Señor Luis.”
  • “You and I were like one, especially during those years.” “Tú y yo éramos como uno… sobre todo por esos años.”

There will be 10 more sentences to learn for lesson 3, so make sure to master these ASAP! Get to the point where you can say them and know exactly what you’re saying, without even looking at the text.


As you practice these sentences, try to pronounce them exactly as you hear them pronounced in the recording (below).

Also, make sure you understand the use of the words in bold, which you can find attached:

Module 1 Dialogue, highlighted for lesson 2