NEW Lesson 1 Dialogue Assignment


ORIGINAL Lesson 1 dialogue assignment

We want to master the Module 1 dialogue before finishing lesson 6.

How are we going to do that? Well, we just have to get a head start learning as many sentences as possible, even though we don’t have the vocabulary to understand them yet.

So you should be listening to the entire dialogue, but start mastering the phrasing and pronunciation of these few sentences:

  • “It’s me, Marcos.” “Soy yo, Marcos.”
  • “How nice that it’s you!” “¡Qué bueno que seas tú!”
  • “What has been of your life all this time?” “¿Qué ha sido de tu vida todo este tiempo?”
  • “It was time to be at home again.” “Era tiempo de estar en casa otra vez.”
  • “That is the truth.” “Esa es la verdad.”
  • “With a man from around there.” “Con un hombre de por ahí.”
  • “The life is not more than what it has to be.” “La vida no es más que lo que tiene que ser.”
  • “And José? And Pablo? Are they around there?” “¿Y José? ¿Y Pablo? ¿Están por ahí?”
  • “They are being what they always have been.” “Están siendo lo que siempre han sido.”
  • “You were the one that was there that day, right?” “Eras tu el que estaba ese día, ¿no?”

There will be 10 more sentences to learn for lesson 2, so make sure to master these ASAP! Get to the point where you can say them and know exactly what you’re saying, without even looking at the text.


As you practice these sentences, try to pronounce them exactly as you hear them pronounced in the recording (below).

Also, make sure you understand the use of the words in bold, which you can find attached:

Module 1 Dialogue, highlighted for lesson 1