Day 1: Introduction

Today’s lesson is an introduction to our course and to the methods we’ll be using to memorize James.

Don’t get weirded out; we’ll start using these techniques to learn verses tomorrow!

Meanwhile, make sure to check out the audiobook (see the menu on the left) and start listening every day.

1. Watch the welcome and guidelines video (5 minutes)

2. Watch the “introduction to mnemonics” video (7 minutes)

3. Study this image (1.5 minutes)

Click on the image to get a bigger version, and then see if you can (a) trace the path through the 20 locations and (b) name as many of the rooms as possible. The goal is to become as familiar with this memory palace as you can.

Memory palace for Scripture memory

Click on this image to study the memory palace

4. Take the quiz (1.5 minutes)

Now that you’ve been introduced to Loeb and the memory palace, take this quiz and see what you can remember.

Use the “learn” mode of Quizlet and type your answers to the quiz questions until you get them all right. (All answers in this quiz are one-word answers, e.g. “balcony”, “attic”, “theater”.)

Quiz 1

Let me know if you need help with anything.