Module 1, recap review


There are a few things you’ll want to make sure you have SOLID before continuing with the course.

First of all, make sure you really understand the Module 1 dialogue. You should know every sentence by heart at this point, so that you can rattle any phrase off without even thinking about English.

To learn it perfectly, alternate between two methods: (1) Practicing individual sentences with flashcards (see below), and (2) speaking along with the entire dialogue (see above). Go back and forth until it’s perfect.

For the individual sentences, start with this set of flashcards of the most difficult sentences. Warning: It has a few words you don’t know yet! (Such as puedehacer, and .) But for now, just speak them along with the dialogue.

Dialogue, difficult sentences (always “start with English”).

Dialogue, all sentences (once you’ve mastered all the difficult sentences).

Second, you should be sure you know ALL the vocabulary from the course to this point. A downloadable dictionary of all the words and idioms from the course to this point can be downloaded here.

You should also go through the images below. The words below each scene have been randomized, so match them with where they go in the scene.

Then just use your imagination: Go through Joel’s world in your mind, from the amusement park to the countryside to the plaza to the verb shops to Joel’s house, and make sure you know every word in each location.

You’re ready to go on to Module 2 ONLY IF:

(1) you can remember all the words from Lessons 1-6 and where they belong in Yol, and

(2) you can say any sentence from the Module 1 Dialogue easily, smoothly, comfortably, and with perfect understanding.

If that’s you, go on to Lesson 7.